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The 8th Annual 2 Man Waterbury Open returns on August 2022 

  • Only one partner for each team needs to sign up for both of you.

  • Payments for the event are through e transfer only to

  • This year's event is strictly capped at 100 players and preference will be given in the following order:

  • 2 Member Teams

  • 1 Member 1 Guest Teams

  • Two Guest Teams

*If 100+ Members sign up, preference will be in the order of sign up.


Carts For the Event:
Teams who wish to ride together will be asked to both sign a Covid-19 Social Circle Waiver upon sign-in on August 22nd.

Teams may also choose to double bag one cart with one partner walking, or both walk.

This year we are proud to announce Bob Steacy is back for his 7th year as our major sponsor and also that Gino's Pizza Amhertstview, is a second major sponsor!


Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 22nd for your chance to get that Gold Jacket that Chubbs never got!

RIP Chubbs Peterson.


Any Questions, please feel free to email

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