July 3rd, 2020

Thursday League and The Sunshine Boys will start once again the week of July 6th

Well, I guess we are ready to get underway for this season for our league.

There are changes for this year that we have to follow due to convid19.

The first thing is;


Sign Up Procedures


1) You are going to have to email or call me your intentions for playing on the next Thursday.  This email should not come to me any later than Tuesday. 


2) Groups will be made up by a draw again using the same procedure as last year with your name on a ticket and I will draw to make up your group. 


3) I will then send out an email to everyone Wednesday to let them know their group and tee-off time.  As you can see we will this year have to give you specific Tee Off times.


4) It must be noted that you show up 15 minutes before your time and this will strictly adhered too.


5) If you do not send an email or call before Tuesday evening you will not be playing that week.  There is no exception to this rule.


Payment and Pay Outs


We are still trying to work out the money part of this which is going to be very difficult as there is to be no exchange of cash and everything is going to be done with your debit card, credit card or etransfers.


We will be looking for suggestions on how to procedure this year considering the situation that we are in and the procedures that are being set out by the Province of Ontario and the Ontario Golf Assoc.


Mike, Brad, Chic and myself will be meeting with Joe, Carolyn and Keith on Monday to get things on the way and will have answers to this season.


You can also look at the following website for more information.


Please feel free to call me at 613-352-7890 or email me any questions.