The End is Here!

Good Day Gentlemen;

I do hope that all enjoyed our year-end banquet. It was great to see so many out.

I would again, like to thank all the members and look forward to next year.

Please be advised that I will not be scheduling groups or tee times until the end of the month.  Our times are still there 09:30hrs until 10:00hrs.  Feel free to come out for the last couple of weeks to the end of the season.

I am looking forward to having you all back next year and maybe a few new members as I have had inquiries.

See you on the course.

Thanks again.

Dave, Bob, Brad, Mike, Chic


oct 14.jpg

Thursday Morning Golfers,
On Thursday, October 7th we had 40 golfers, in 11 groups.

Closest to the pin on #3 - Brian McGeachie
Closest to the pin on #13 - Tom Kennedy

Team scores ranged from +20 to -15.  As with last week, only four teams made their points, so they are all in the money.  But two of those teams, just made their points and one team massively distanced themselves from the field!


First Place:  +20       ($5)
Hal Johnston
Ed Jasvins
Murray McDowell
Dave Stewart


Second Place: +8    ($3)
Mike Fournier
Harry Boyd
Barry Woodcock
Mark Publicover


Third Place:  Even     ($2)
Brian McGeachie
Tom Kennedy
Rick Thornton
Phil Tomsett


Fourth Place:  Even   ($1)
Chick Cecchini
Bob Clarke
Gerry Cotnam
Bob Crawford