RESULTS for MAY 12th

On Thursday, May 12th we had 52 golfers, in 15 groups.
(Initial signup required 15 groups. Some last-minute cancellations and a couple of no-shows led to quite a few threesomes.)

Closest to the pin on #3 - Dave Tinkess
Closest to the pin on #13 - Randy Cooper

Team scores ranged from +9 to -16, with only 3 groups in plus figures. 

First Place:  +9        ($5)
Ed Jasvins
Hal Johnston
Gil Lesage
Mike Sheedy

Second Place:  +5    ($3)
Bob Crawford
Gary Hogarth
Graham Moss
Dave Stewart

Third Place: +1       ($2)
Stu Bridgen
Dan Marshall
Roger Marshall

Fourth Place: 0       ($1)
Brett Oderkirk
Dave Welsh
Billy Walker

Good day People of Amherstview Golf Club.

Sign-up will be done before Tuesday 6 PM. Anyone who is not playing is to email Dave Stewart with your intentions for this week. If you do not show up, you will be charged the same as if you were there.

The charge is $5.00 a week. There will be an initial cost of $100.00 for the year. Money for each week will be subtracted from this sum, or if you are a winner the money will be added. This will go on for the whole season and at our yearend banquet, you will receive any money left.

Each member will have a number (poker chip) and teams will be drawn on a random basis. An email will be sent out Tuesday evening to let everyone know what time they are playing and their team members for that week.

You must be at the course 20 minutes before your tee time as sometimes we can tee-off off earlier.

Your committee for this league is as follows


Contacts for this league are

Dave Stewart                        613-352-7890                   Convener

Brad Brooker                          613-217-8947                   Finance

Bob Crawford                                                                                                              Stat Man

Mike Fournier                                                                                                              Course Liaison