Good Evening;  June 17th  Tee Times

Here is the new format for tee times and group for Thursday.  I hope that you do not have any problems with this format.  Just look for your name and it will give you your points, tee time, group for this week.

The red means that person is not playing this week.

Please ensure that you fill the scorecards correctly to help out Statman.

Don’t forget, keep the pace up as we do have many players on the course.

Have fun and enjoy yourself.



Thursday Morning Senior League 2021

Good Day Gentlemen;

Welcome to the 2021 Thursday Morning Senior League.

We are going to keep the same procedure as last year.

The league will start on May 6th, depending on the weather.

The sign-up procedure is as follows;

  • You must email Dave Stewart before 6 pm Tuesday to let him know if you are playing that week. 

  • If you do not sign up, you will not be playing that week.

  • Tuesday evening teams and tee times will be drawn and published.

  • An email will be sent out Tuesday evening with your group and tee time. 

  • Please show up 15 minutes before your time, as per Amherstview Golf Course Covid 19 rules which are still in effect this year.


Teams and pairings are determined by a blind draw. Each player, in the league, will have a poker chip with a number on it that is assigned to your name. These are drawn from the hat.


Payment to the league will be made as follows;

Please bring an envelope with your name on the outside and $50.00 inside.

Your weekly payment will be taken out of that money, and your winning will be added. 

You will be given an envelope at the end of the year with money owing (if any). 

This envelope can be given to Brad Brooker or me (Dave Stewart).  This must be collected as soon as possible.

Also, anyone who has not paid into the hole in one fund must do so ASAP.

This year we have increased our prize payout to 4 prizes a week—1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

We will also be bringing back the closest to the pin competition.


We will be having lunch the second week for the proceeds from last season.

Also, we are hoping, for a banquet at the end of the year. (COVID dependant)

Looking forward to seeing you all on the course this season and please bring your smiles and a good sense of humour because you all know that there are laughable times out there.


If you have any questions, please shot me an email at  or give me a call @ 613-352-7890.