Re-schedule possible.

Could have been in the area of $2000.00 in cash prizes handed out.
You pay the $20 entry when you arrive Monday in the ProShop.
It would help a great deal if you can do this is cash $10 and or $20's
The rules are below.
You will receive a copy of the scorecard (see below)
Women will use their handicap for the YELLOW TEES
Men will use their handicap from the BLUE TEES
Because of COVID-19, we can not have a our normal prize presentations in the bar area. Once all results are in the bartender(s) will draw the teams and we will announce the losers loudly from the desk.
The results will be published ASAP on this website.

What is a STABLEFORD competition?  Stableford is a very common scoring system in golf whereby points are awarded on each hole according to how the player does against their own handicap. ... Make par on a hole, based upon your handicap, and you get 2pts. A handicap-adjusted score of one over par is 1pt, 1 under par is 3pts, 2 under par is 4pts and so on.


THE SCORECARDS click for a better view

scorecard men.JPG
scorecard women.JPG