1650 Bath Road, Kingston, ON, K7M4X6

Week #1 Recap

I would like to start by thanking each and every individual that signed up to participate this year. This year we set a new record high with 144 players registered.

Participation - 128 (89% of registered players)

Skins Played - 121 (95% of the weekly field)

Gross Scoring Average - 43.01

Net Scoring Average - 39.55

Week #1 Rankings

1st - Shanks For The Memories ($12 per player)

2nd - The Dirty Birdies ($10 per player)

T3rd - Designated Drivers ($7.00 per player)

T3rd - The DrawShank Redemption ($7.00 per player)

***3rd and 4th prize maney added together and divided to teams tying for 3rd

Low Gross - Len Guttenberger ($20)

Low Net - Bob Belanger ($3.75)

                   Zach Hermer ($3.75)

                   Len Guttenberger ($3.75)

                   Eric McLean ($3.75)

***Low Net prize of $15 divided amongst 4 players tied

High Net - David Londry ($10)


Gross Flight +6 to 30 - No winners - $189.00 carried over to next week

Gross Flight 4 to 7 - 1 Skin - $126.00

***Gord Rogers with a birdie on hole 6

Gross Flight 8 to 40 - 5 skins - $9.60 each

  • Randy Steward with a par on hole 1

  • Eric McLean with a birdie on hole 3

  • Bob Belanger with a birdie on hole 6

  • Rick Thornton with a par on hole 7

  • Brian Hole with a birdie on hole 9


Also new this year is the HIDDEN HOLE points race. Every player that plays that week is eligible. One random hole is selected after the round and each player keeps the total they got on that hole. This is done every week and the totals are added together. After 4 week periods, the player with the lowest point total will win a gift certificate to Amherstview Golf Club thanks to Bob Steacy.

This weeks HIDDEN Hole was #7 and the following players got birdies this week.

  • Scott Beaubien

  • Ezel Erkan

  • Len Guttenberger

  • Jack Wylie


Prize money will be dispersed into players accounts every two weeks

Please remember that you can check yearly statistics and up to date standings at

Once again thank you to everyone and Play Well!!!