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Bob Steacy's

Tuesday Men's League


1650 Bath Road, Kingston, ON, K7M4X6

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It's time to grow your beards cause we're headin’ to the Post Season! 

How does it all work, you ask?  Well, this nifty Q & A should explain it perfectly;


League Playoffs  -  Q & A


Q: What is the format?

A: The format of our Playoffs is similar to the FedExCup.  Simply stated, rather than a Team vs. Team format as we ran during the regular season, each team will now compete against the “field” for a piece of the weekly purse, which is represented by points.  The lower your team's score, the more points your team will earn for that particular week.


Q: What happens to the points my team earned during the regular season?

A: Teams will start the playoffs with all of the points they accumulated during the regular season.


Q: How are the points distributed during the playoffs?



Q: What does it all mean, man?

A: The team in 1st place at the conclusion of the playoffs will be our League Champions!  A distinction that admittedly carries little weight out in the real world.  Beyond that, not a whole hell of a lot.


Q: How long will the playoffs run?

A: The playoffs will run for three weeks starting on Tuesday, September 6th.


That is all,

Shanks For The Memories

Bob Steacy
Chris Sheridan
Gerry Minard
Brett Oderkirk
John Needham
Gerald Courneya
Rick Wagar
Steve Hulton
Lorne Huffman
Phil Tomsett
Dave Townsend
Arnold Lawrence
Mike Steacy


Scott Beaubien

Matt O'Brien

Chi Rodriguez

John Sauve

Rob Douglas

Dave Levesque

Ted Carson

Larry Paradis

Bob Donaldson

Cliff Aitken

Dave Bracken

Ron Oastler

Kevin Pereira

Robert Belanger


Brennan Smith
James Conners
Karl Stiles
Andrew Garron
Allen Layhey
Brian McGeachie
Tom Kennedy
Dale Huddleston
Bob Dowling
Mike Schell
David Londry
Keith Forrest
Luke Hampal
Phil Carney


Michael Whiteland

Greg Burns

Ehren Head

Ian Dixon

Bill Craig

Dave Head

Steve Brook

Gord Rogers

Neil Carter

Chris Simpson

George Kattar

Dave Tinkess

Dave Witheridge


Mark Riley
Ryan Kennedy
Jack Wylie
Bret Burns
Spencer Riley
Pat Ketcheson
Mike Grice
Nick Goodchild
Todd Smart
Randy Ferguson
Bob Gomm
Rob Layhey
Rob O'Brian

Multiple Fore-Gasms

Len Guttenberger

Jason Bates

Andrew Fournier

Jessie McGeachie

Paul Carew

Bernie Harpell

Mike DiPietrantonio

Kyle wetering

Doug ford

Chris Bridgen

Paul Gillespie

Ray Feld

Brad Rouleau

Ken Brandt


Jason Melo

Tony Barrera

Brian Hole

Doug Rogers

Rob Bernardino

Joseph DAgostino

John Thompson

Gord Coleman

Tom Lawson

Randy Steward

Dennis Burns

John Brockman

Andre Rush

The Drawshank Redemption

Matt Horton
Brian Gill

Joseph Rishaur
Darren Sloboda
Tigh Chapman
Trevor Blundell
Brian Johnston
Ezel Erkian
David Bennett
Don Carlyle
Ken De Molitor
Richard Dash
Bruce Bodley

The Tool Divots

Jack Gill
Jesse Vanniedek

Tim Dunn
Mike Babcock
Paul Carney
Dave Ryding
Chas Murphy
Murray Cotton
Don Mack
Dan Layhey
Brian Bowman
Mike Bowman
Chris Blair

Eric McLean


Mike Stevens
George Taylor
Brian Donovan

Bryan Pearson
Kelly Pender
Mike Fournier
Joel Lyman
Terry Randall
Ron Geoffrey
Rick Thornton
Ed Emberley
Bob Ringuette
Tony Whitlock

Rene Steinpatz

Tuesday Men's League Rules

Under 55 WILL play BLUE tees, and Over 55 WILL play WHITE tees.
No mulligans
You must putt everything out. Absolutely NO GIMMES
Preferred lies in your fairways ONLY
Out of Bounds -- play as a lateral hazard
50 percent of the field must play for Men's Night to count (ie. bad weather)
Must play a minimum of eight times to be eligible for a year-end prize
When submitting a scorecard, please make sure to include first and last name (last name a must for score entering purposes), and a total of 9-hole score

League Play

The Amherstview Men's League will begin Tuesday, May 24th. The regular season will run for 12 straight weeks and be followed by playoffs. League play will take place on Tuesdays and can be played anytime during the day or evening. It is preferred that you play with at least one other person in the league to attest to your score, but you may play with a non-league member if that's all that is available. No solo players will be allowed to submit a score.

League Format

The league will consist of teams of approximately 14-15 players. Each team will be assigned a team captain responsible for naming the team and drafting the players to be on the team. Although you will be assigned to a team, you are not required to play with your teammates and can play with anyone participating in the league or not in the league if that's all that is available. The teams are strictly for scoring purposes, which is important as we are trying to build camaraderie within the league.

Each week two gross scores and three net scores will count towards the overall team score. This format allows for players to post their own scores while still keeping the focus on the team aspect. The regular season is a team vs. team format; teams will receive 10 points for a win, five points for a tie, and zero points for a loss. The program awards one participation point for every player that shows up regardless of their performance on the golf course. A maximum of 10 participation points per team will be awarded each week. This feature will hopefully encourage team members to come out and participate and support their team.

Our online scoring program automatically updates the individual scores, team scores, and standings and maintains each player's separate Men's League Handicap. This is all done in real-time. This is great for a couple of reasons:

You can sit around the clubhouse and watch the results of your team and see how they are making out or check the results from home. You can see how you did when compared to the entire field.
If there is a scoring mistake on our end, you will notice this right away, and we can make the necessary changes.

The League website will be published in the clubhouse once the league begins.

Throughout the season, we will be holding feature nights for our Men's League. These nights will incorporate food specials from "At The Turn," closest to the pin contests etc.

Weekly Cost:

$8.00 weekly fee towards the weekly payouts, year-end prize fund and participation in skins ($3.00). Blue and White tees participants are separated for skins

Money Breakdown for League

Yearly registration = $20.00 (Paid before playing the first league round)
Weekly participation including skins = $8.00

Weekly Individual Payouts

Low Gross Individual = $20.00
Low Net Individual = $15.00
High Net Individual = $10.00
Weekly Team Payouts (Winning teams each week)

The winning team with the lowest score = $12.00 per player
The winning team with the second-lowest score = $10.00 per player
The winning team with the third-lowest score = $8.00 per player
The winning team with the fourth-lowest score = $6.00 per player

The winning team with the fifth-lowest score = $4.00 per player
*Payouts are to players participating that week only

Your winnings will be added to your club account in the form of a credit that can be used in the Pro Shop or the Outt'a Bounds Lounge. Hopefully, this will be done biweekly

Tee Times

The Amherstview Golf Club Men's League is a 9-hole league. You must contact the pro shop or TEE ON to book your tee times.


In the event of questionable weather, a minimum of 50 percent of the field will need to submit scores for the week to count. If 50 percent of the field does not submit scores, we will deem Men's Night a rainout, and the week will be discarded. Please make every effort to play as it is difficult to judge the weather changes throughout the day, making it hard to determine whether to cancel. 

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