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18 Hole Match Play
  Judy Frawley  2022

18 Hole Stroke Play
 Moe Stenson 2022

2 Person Best Ball
Barb Funk & Maureen Bates, 2022

Sr Match Play
 ?    2022

2 Person Scramble
 Alyssa Proderick & Tanis Chambers 2022

2 Person Alternate Shot
Michaela Gerdis & Tanis Chambers 2022


Decide before the start of the match what you want to do in the event of a tie. If no agreement can be reached then the match will be replayed with full handicap.


Stroke Play: If you go to sudden death, no strokes are given as you have used your handicap and sudden death is a continuation of the match. If you replay the match, then handicap rules apply. 


Match Play: Sudden Death. Stroke holes remain as they were during the first 18 holes of the match.  

If you are going to sudden death then you must have the ProShop staff secure you a position on the first tee. You may not butt in.

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