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The Famous Sunshine Boys

Played every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at approx. 8 am

Tee-Times are emailed weekly to all the league members.


The history of the Sunshine Boys goes back 30 years and was started as a fun time for seniors to come out and play golf the fun way.  It was started by retirees from Northern Telecom and branched out to include other members of Amherstview Golf Club.  To make it fun, there would be little wagers on scores, greenies and overall score at the end of the round, and you may lose $.25 or win $.05. to puth3 some more enjoyment in the game.  Many members of this group have played for many years, and many are no longer playing due to health or heading to the big green in the sky, if you get my drift.

If you want to sign up for this league, you must make a commitment to play with us, not just use this league as a stopover because you did not get a tee time.

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