***Monday Molson League Update***

Although we are anticipating an earlier re-opening date, these are the designated tee times for Monday May 24 (Victoria Day 18 Hole Scramble) Teams will have these tee times for all Civic or Stat holidays that fall on a Monday. The tee times in parenthesis are the designated tee times for non-holiday Mondays (based on your team captain's request).

There is still room for a few teams but will be probably limited to 9 holes based on remaining tee times available (only 9 count towards the league anyways)

If and when we receive word regarding a sooner re-opening, I will provide further updates.

Monday, May 24th/2021

1:00-No Rush (1:52)

1:07-Millhaven Storage (2:00)

1:15-Amherstview Golf Club (2:07)

1:22-Walker Financial (2:15)

1:30-Dagos (2:22)

1:37-Daniel Boone (2:30)

1:45-Williams Auto (2:37)

1:52-Old Strokes (2:45)

2:00-Crown Royal Crew (2:52)

2:07-Grip It And Sip It (3:07)

2:15-Jaco Electric (3:15)

2:22-Ernestown Oldtimers (3:22)

2:30-Billy Goats (3:30)

2:37-Feed and Farm 1 (3:37)

2:45-Feed and Farm 2 (3:45)

2:52-Mooseknuckle (3:52)

3:00-The Molson Exports (4:00)

3:07-Raymond James (4:07)

3:15-Spilly Talkers (4:15)

3:22-Who's Your Caddy (4:22)

3:30-Penguin Sauce (4:30)

3:37-Better Than Lob Ball (4:37)

3:45-Mark Riley Allstate (5:07)

3:52-Stone Mills Masonry (5:15)

4:00-FUCC (5:37)

4:07-The Vikings (3:00)

Thank you and stay safe!

Joe Rishaur